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The Student visa program provides international students with the opportunity to study in Australia at all education levels, including primary, secondary, tertiary, postgraduate, vocational, and non-award courses.


Depending on the student visa applicant’s immigration risk rating, which is determined upon lodging the application online, documentary evidence of English language proficiency and financial capacity shall be required.


For instance, student visa holders and student dependents have working rights of a maximum forty (40) hours every fifteen days except for students undergoing masters by research and doctorate studies with unlimited working rights. 


(parts from clause 500, Schedule 2 of the Migration Regulations 1994)



Supporting international students and graduates

Australia remains high quality and welcoming destination for international students. The Government has announced a range of visa measures to support students. Some of these measures need legislation to be changed, and you should check back regularly for more information.

The measures will be temporary and will continue for as long as necessary.

If the applicant is minor: the intentions of a parent, legal guardian, or spouse of the applicant are observed. 

Also, the following supporting documents and evidence may be required, to wit:

  • Evidence of intended course of study such as Confirmation of Enrolment from an Education Institution
  • Evidence of satisfactory results in previous studies
  • Confirmation of appropriate arrangement for minor applicants
  • Evidence of funds and declaration of financial ability
  • Copies of educational documents and transcript of records
  • Evidence of Overseas Student Health Charge (OSHC) payment
  • Medical Results
  • Evidence of English Proficiency from the International English Language Testing System (IELTS)
  • Evidence of school enrolment of any accompanying school-age dependent

    Student Guardian Visa


    Student Guardian visa intends to permit a parent or legal guardian of an under eighteen (18) student visa-holder to accompany the latter travelling to Australia and provide accommodation, support, and general welfare to the student visa-holder while studying in Australia. 


    This visa has several mandatory conditions. Student guardians cannot apply for any substantive visa while in Australia except for a Protection visa, Temporary Graduate visa, or Student Guardian visa. A substantive visa is not a protection visa, bridging visa, enforcement visa, or criminal justice visa.


    (parts from clause 590, Schedule 2 of the Migration Regulations 1994)

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