190 and 491 Visa Pathways for Northern Territory Students


Eligible Northern Territory Graduates

For Subclass 190 and 491 visas, the Northern Territory (NT) Government grants nominations for individuals who meet the visa eligibility criteria set by the Australian Government’s Department of Home Affairs. The visa applicants must demonstrate strong employment outcomes in the NT and a long-term commitment to the NT workforce.

There are a range of factors that the Northern Territory Government considers on applications for nomination. Guidelines are created to assist potential. Each application will be assessed on its own merits. However, meeting these guidelines do not guarantee a nomination to visa applicants.

190 Requirements:

  • Completion of one or more qualifications after studying in the NT, with an NT-Education Provider
  • The Duration is for two years in a single tertiary course or a set of nested tertiary courses
  • Student has lived in the Northern Territory for a period of at least six continuous months immediately after the date of completion (01 August 2020 onwards) of the last qualification,
  • At the time of application, must be holding a visa that allows full-time work
  • Must demonstrated genuine and sustained efforts to obtain employment from an NT employer in your nominated occupation or a closely related skilled occupation.

 491 Requirements:

  • Graduated but unable to live in the Northern Territory for Six Months after completion of two year of studies
  • Must provide evidence of making genuine efforts to obtain employment from an NT employer in their nominated occupation or a closely related skilled occupation to be assessed on a case-to-case basis.

Date of completion is the date of notification that student have met all academic course requirements. This is the date when the final exam results or notice of course completion were available or published.

Genuine and sustained efforts to obtain employment may be demonstrated through evidence of several applications made over a period for jobs in relevant occupations in the Northern Territory. Other supporting evidence such as membership in relevant professional associations, or positive feedback from industry contacts in the NT will also be considered.

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