State Nomination (subclass 190) Visa Pathways for Tasmanian Graduates


The 190 visa is a skilled migration visa that lets nominated workers to live and work in Australia as permanent residents. The applicant can either be in or outside Australia. The 190 visa allows visa holders to permanently stay, work and study in Australia, enrol in Australia’s public health care scheme, sponsor relatives  

For 2021-2022 program year, Tasmania’s nomination quota for 190 Skilled Nominated Visa is 1100.  

If you have started after 30 June 2021 or about to enroll to begin studies in Tasmania, you must meet the following requirements to be eligible for the 491 Visa under the Tasmanian Graduate Category:

  1. Studies need not be related to your nominated occupation.
  2. Must have completed a course of study and obtained completion letter from a Tertiary Institution in Tasmania registered with CRICOS.
  3. The course must be CRICOS registered with a minimum duration of at least 92  weeks.
  4. The course must be completed full time and the student must be in Tasmania at the time of studies.
  5. The student must have lived in Tasmania at least 2 calendar year from the start until accomplishment of studies.
  6. If the student has dependents, they must also be living in Tasmania and must demonstrate genuine commitment to continue living in Tasmania.
  7. Currently in Skilled employment OR if not, must provide a career plan explaining how studies in Tasmania have increased ability to find skilled work in Tasmania
  8. If holding a student visa at the time of completion of studies,the study must be a degree (bachelor or masters) or diploma OR a qualification directly related to a Priority Industry Training and Workforce Development Area .
  9. If holding a different visa at the time of completion of studies, the study must be directly related to a Priority Industry Training and Workforce Development Area.

Priority Industry Training and Workforce Development Area provides:

Tourism and Hospitality = Cert III plus 6 months current experience in Tasmania

Building and Construction = Cert IV.

Advanced Manufacturing and Energy = Cert IV

Information and Communications Technology = Degree

Aged Services = Cert III

Disability Services = Cert III

Agriculture = Cert IV

Aquaculture = Cert IV

Transport and Logistics = Cert IV plus at least 6 months current work experience in Tasmania

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